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Past Event (Encounter with Jesus and Chinese New Year celebration)

Happy Chinese New Year!  This past weekend we continued with our Encounter with Jesus and learned from how Jesus called the first disciples.  Afterwards we had a good time making dumpling (some of us for the first time) to welcome the Year of the Pig together.  We also had another dinner with our friends a few days later… all in all a non-stop celebration of Chinese New Year!

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Past Event (Bonfire @ Bolsa Chica SB)

On a perfect weather day, we ventured out to the Bolsa Chica State Beach for a time of evening bonfire, good food, and an encouragement from our speaker Steve to seek God and not living like the rich fool (c.f. Luke 12:13-21).  We also sang a few songs.  Many of our friends got to try roasted marshmallow and Korean dried filefish (Jwipo) for the first time!

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Past Event (Pumpkin Carving)

We got to invite our friends over for a delicious home-cooked dinner and then altogether had a time of pumpkin carving.  It was the first time for many of our friends but their artistic skills and enthusiasm “carried the night.”

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Past Event (What’s so important about Jesus)

Our speaker Steve gave a talk on the impact of Jesus throughout history and reflected on what made Jesus so influential and controversial, especially His claim on the diety.

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Past Event (Special Talk: How to believe in a God whom I cannot see)

This past Wednesday the ISG group met over dinner and heard an interesting talk about the philosophical framework towards believing in a God who is non-physical but also immaterial.  It was a good time to take a break from school, enjoy some good food and discuss important topics with friends.  See you next time!